One of the types of objects in Praat. A PitchTier object represents a time-stamped pitch contour, i.e. it contains a number of (time, pitch) points, without voiced/unvoiced information. For instance, if your PitchTier contains two points, namely 150 Hz at a time of 0.5 seconds and 200 Hz at a time of 1.5 seconds, then this is to be interpreted as a pitch contour that is constant at 150 Hz for all times before 0.5 seconds, constant at 200 Hz for all times after 1.5 seconds, and linearly interpolated for all times between 0.5 and 1.5 seconds (i.e. 170 Hz at 0.7 seconds, 210 Hz at 1.1 seconds, and so on).

PitchTier objects are used for two purposes: for manipulating the pitch curve of an existing sound (see Intro 8.1. Manipulation of pitch) and for synthesizing a new sound (see Source-filter synthesis 1. Creating a source from pitch targets, and for an example Source-filter synthesis 3. The ba-da continuum).

PitchTier commands


From scratch:
Create PitchTier...
PitchTier: Add point...
Copy from another object:
Pitch: To PitchTier: trivial copying of voiced frames.
PointProcess: Up to PitchTier...: single value at specified times.
Pitch & PointProcess: To PitchTier...: copying interpolated values at specified points.
Synthesize from another object:
PointProcess: To PitchTier...: periodicity analysis.
Extract from a Manipulation object:
Manipulation: Extract pitch tier

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