What was new in 6.2?

6.2 (15 November 2021)

• TextGrid window: closing box and opening triangle for IPA chart.
• Linux: compatibility with Wayland (rather than just X11).
• Chromebook: surrogate window title replaces the one that Chromebooks won’t show.
• Much longer list of functions in manual.

6.1.56 (3 November 2021)

• Scripting: Record Sound (fixed time)... should return an object ID.
• More phonetic symbols in EPS files.

6.1.55 (25 October 2021)

• TextGrid window: guard against a rare crash on Windows.
• TextGrid: Extract part: guard against producing an empty interval tier.
• Plug-ins: settings windows should not show the file name of the script.
• Scripting: clicking Cancel when browsing an Infile field should not crash.
• Phonetic symbols: a new backslash trigraph for a mid-centralized diacritic (as in [e̽]), namely \x^.

6.1.54 (9 October 2021)

• PowerCepstrogram: can tabulate cepstral peak prominence values.
• Mac: repaired global Escape key menu shortcut (stops sounds that play from the Objects window).

6.1.53 (8 September 2021)

• Linux: corrected a bug that caused PDF files to be misaligned if the origin was not in the top left corner.

6.1.52 (25 August 2021)

• FormantPath window: more formant listings and stress listings.
• Sound window: on Cut or Paste, all windows that contain that Sound now get ungrouped.
• Corrected a crash when reading Vorbis files on some 32-bit platforms.

6.1.51 (22 July 2021)

Spectrum: Tabulate (verbose) with: power spectral density, bin width within domain, bin energy, and much more.
• Sound window: Get amplitude(s).
• Scripting: date_utc$ (), date# (), date_utc# ().

6.1.50 (20 June 2021)

• RealTier: editing, Formula, conversion from and to Matrix and Table and other tiers such as PitchTier, DurationTier, IntensityTier and AmplitudeTier.
• Scripting: can now assign multiple objects to a vector.
• Fix crashes in Create letter R example and Create KlattTable example introduced in 6.1.49.

6.1.49 (12 June 2021)

PitchTier, IntensityTier, DurationTier and AmplitudeTier windows: save preferences.
Manipulation window: removed unused semitone options.
RealTier object: editing; conversions from and to other tiers and from Table and Matrix.

6.1.48 (2 June 2021)

• TextGrid window: Shift-drag drags multiple boundaries again even if the Shift key is not released.
• Scripting: publishing (Extract) an object from an editor window returns its ID again.
• Scripting: Select... in an editor window is now prevented from selecting outside the time domain.

6.1.47 (21 May 2021)

• The Escape key now means Cancel also in a non-pausing pause window.

6.1.46 (20 May 2021)

• Fixed a bug with line types in the Picture window.
• TextGrid window: shift-click on a boundary again extends the selection.

6.1.45 (20 May 2021)

• Praat picture files can be drawn with Read from file again.

6.1.44 (17 May 2021)

• Scripting: queries in editor windows are scriptable again.

6.1.43 (13 May 2021)

• TextGrid window: characters in the IPA chart grow with the window.
• TextGrid window: seeing the maroon shadow now always means that the boundary will be moved when the mouse is released (problem since 6.1.20 or so).
• Scripting: pause window on the Mac: the Enter key works as designed (bug in 6.1.42).

6.1.42 (15 April 2021)

• Settings windows: taller text fields for formulas and vectors.
• Mac TextGrid window: cursor moves to end of text after selecting an interval (as on Windows and Linux).

6.1.41 (25 March 2021)

• TextGrid window: unselected boundaries can again be drawn to the cursor.
• Windows: faster running cursor.
• Multi-line formula fields.
• Scripting: guard against too deep recursive calls to runScript (depth 20).
• EEG: repaired a bug that could cause Praat to crash when computing an ERPTier.

6.1.40 (27 February 2021)

• Inspect window: corrected a bug that could cause Praat to crash when opening a string vector.
• Sound window: made channel scrolling work again when there are more than 8 channels.
• Sound window: made channel muting by clicking on the loudspeaker symbols work again.

6.1.39 (8 February 2021)

• Scripting: made string vectors visible in writeFile (), pauseScript () and exitScript ().
• Mac: corrected a bug that could cause About Praat to crash on macOS 10.10.

6.1.38 (2 January 2021)

• Scripting: string vectors, empty$# (), readLinesFromFile$# (), fileNames$# (), folderNames$# (), splitByWhitespace$# ().
• Sound files: open Ogg Vorbis files and Opus files.

6.1.37 (16 December 2020)

• TextGrid window: removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when option-clicking or command-clicking a boundary when another boundary was selected on a point tier.
Record Sound (fixed time)...: removed a bug that caused Praat to crash with certain combinations of duration and sampling frequency on Windows.
• PowerCepstrogram: more precise integration, so that the cepstral peak prominence is now a continuous function of time.
• TextGrid: Get points (preceded): removed a bug that caused Praat to crash under some edge conditions.
• Scripting: tryToWriteFile () and tryToAppendFile () should not be available in manuals.

6.1.36 (6 December 2020)

• Scripting: tryToWriteFile (), tryToAppendFile (); formulas can have a size of 1 million.
• Obscured scripts: error messages always disclosed.
• IPA chart: sacrifice laminality symbol for breathiness symbol.

6.1.35 (29 November 2020)

• Scripting: sort# (), shuffle# (), to# (), from_to# (), from_to_by# (), from_to_count# (), between_by# (), between_count# ().
• Mac: repaired a bug existing since 6.1.04 that caused incorrect line counts in text files with high Unicode characters.

6.1.34 (25 November 2020)

• Mac: got bold and italic to work on Praat versions compiled with the BigSur API.
• SoundRecorder always a white background, instead of a different background on each platform.

6.1.33 (19 November 2020)

• Mac: got audio to work on Praat versions compiled with the BigSur API (6.1.32 did not have audio on BigSur).

6.1.32 (16 November 2020)

• First version for Macs with Apple Silicon chip.
• Mac: corrected a bug that could cause Praat to crash when a Sound window was closed from a script.
• Windows and Linux: made Text width... work correctly from batch.
• Linux: reinstalled Tab shortcut in Sound window.

6.1.31 (10 November 2020)

• Linux: first GTK-3 version.

6.1.30 (3 November 2020)

• Windows: prevented a crash that could occur in the Sound window when clicking with the touchpad while dragging with the mouse (or the reverse).

6.1.29 (27 October 2020)

• Mac: corrected a bug revealed by Xcode 12 since 6.1.22 that could cause Praat to crash when using empty vectors, such as when querying a Harmonicity for its mean in regions without frames.

6.1.28 (20 October 2020)

• Pause forms: text fields can be multi-line.
• Removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when editing a PitchTier.
• Script window: got rid of too many history entries after dragging in the Picture window.

6.1.27 (13 October 2020)

• Demo window: make sure that the contents of the window become visible more often without calling demoShow() or demoWaitForInput().

6.1.26 (5 October 2020)

• Windows: removed a bug that caused Praat to crash if you clicked in the Sound window, then dragged the mouse out of that window, then released the mouse button, and then clicked in the Sound window again.
• Linux: removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when clicking Change in the Inspect window.

6.1.25 (4 October 2020)

FormantPath and FormantPathEditor.
• Windows: implemented vertical scrolling with the mouse wheel in the manual and in the Picture window.
• Linux: removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when double-clicking in the Sound window.
• Linux: removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when raising the About window twice.
• Removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when zooming in to a region in the Sound window without samples, when a pitch curve was visible.
• Removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when pasting in a region in the Sound window without samples.

6.1.24 (29 September 2020)

• Linux: got rid of flashing during a running cursor or when making a selection in the Sound window or the Picture window.

6.1.23 (28 September 2020)

• Windows: got rid of flashing during a running cursor or when making a selection in the Sound window or the Picture window.
• Linux: corrected a bug that caused the buttons at the top of a manual window to be overwritten with text when scrolling.

6.1.22 (24 September 2020)

• Windows: made the running cursor visible again.
• Corrected a bug introduced in 6.1.17alpha that could cause incorrect line spacing in the Picture window, such as in TableOfReal: Draw as numbers.

6.1.21 (20 September 2020)

• First fully functional version for BigSur.
• Removed a decades-old bug by which an extremum allegedly computed by cubic interpolation would actually have been computed by sinc700.

6.1.20beta (10 September 2020)

• Second beta version for macOS Big Sur.

6.1.19beta (7 September 2020)

• First beta version for macOS Big Sur.

6.1.18alpha (1 September 2020)

• Second alpha version for macOS Big Sur.

6.1.17alpha (16 August 2020)

• Alpha version for macOS Big Sur.

6.1.16 (6 June 2020)

Record Sound (fixed time)...: more reliable choice of input device.
• Mac: notice plugging and unplugging of headphones.

6.1.15 (20 May 2020)

• Repaired a bug introduced in 6.0.44 that could cause an incorrect (namely, totally constant) ClassificationTable.

6.1.14 (2 May 2020)

• Repaired a bug in drawing ranges introduced in 6.1.06.

6.1.13 (19 April 2020)

• Repaired discriminant analysis on i386 processors.
• Scripting: enabled predictability by setting random seeds.
• Automated batch testing on x8664, i386 and ARMv7 processors.

6.1.12 (13 April 2020)

• All non-GUI tests can be automated from batch.
• Repaired a bug introduced in 6.0 whereby a KlattGrid-generated Sound would always be peak-scaled.

6.1.11 (6 April 2020)

• Better messages.
• Overhauled VowelEditor.
• Repaired crashes after creating a Formant from a Spectrum or an Excitation.

6.1.10 (23 March 2020)

• Faster formant computation.
• More LPC queries.

6.1.09 (26 January 2020)

• Accept some more kinds of broken WAV files.
• Improved box plot drawing.
• More Network commands.

6.1.08 (5 December 2019)

• Repaired a bug with automatic alignment for TextGrids (introduced in 6.1.07).

6.1.07 (26 November 2019)

• Raspberry Pi edition.

6.1.06 (8 November 2019)

• Chromebook edition.
• Scripting: colour fields now take name, grey value or RGB vector.

6.1.05 (16 October 2019)

• Repaired a bug introduced in 6.0.44 that could cause rubbish LPC smoothing.
• Repaired a rare crash when dragging a selection on the Mac.

6.1.04 (28 September 2019)

• Sound and other windows: Widen or shrink selection....
KlattGrid: Create from vowel....
• Fix rectangle playing bug when selection viewer is on.
• Selection viewer separately visible for Sound window and TextGrid window.
• Scripting: allow comments after parameter list.
• Scripting: fix CR/LF pasting from Microsoft Word.

6.1.03 (1 September 2019)

• Sound window: Widen or shrink selection....

6.1.02 (25 August 2019)

• Repaired Sounds: Concatenate with overlap....
• Mac: Info and script windows: prevent line breaks caused by tab stops.

6.1.01 (14 August 2019)

• Repaired TextGrid: Replace interval texts....

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