One of the Editors in Praat, for viewing and manipulating a PitchTier object, which is optionally shown together with a Sound object.


The editor shows:

• The Sound, if you selected a Sound object together with the PitchTier object before you clicked View & Edit.
• The PitchTier: blue points connected with blue lines.


To play (a part of) the resynthesized sound: click any of the 8 buttons below and above the drawing area, or choose a command from the Play menu.

To play the original sound instead, use Shift-click.

Adding a point

Click at the desired time location, and choose Add point at cursor or type Command-P.

Removing points

To remove one or more pitch points, make a time selection and choose Remove point(s) from the Point menu. If there is no selection, the point nearest to the cursor is removed.

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