Many types of objects in Praat can be viewed and edited in their own windows.

Editor windows

How to open an editor for an object

To open an editor window for an object in the list, select the object and choose View & Edit (if the View & Edit button exists, it is usually at the top of the Dynamic menu). The name of the object will appear as the title of the editor window.

Objects that cannot be modified (e.g. LongSound) just have the command View instead of View & Edit.

General behaviour

Changes that you make to an object in its editor window will take effect immediately. For instance, you do not have close the editor window before saving the changed object to disk.

If you Remove an object that you are viewing or editing from the List of Objects, the editor window will automatically disappear from the screen.

All editors are independent windows: you can minimize and maximize them; if an editor window goes hiding behind another window, you can raise it by choosing the View & Edit command again.

If you rename an object that you are viewing or editing (with Rename...), the title of the editor window immediately changes to the new name.

Ways to control an editor window

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