Query submenu

A submenu that appears in the Objects window if you select an object of almost any type.

Query commands give you information about objects.

Most query commands start with the word Get or sometimes the word Count. You will find these commands in two places: under the Query submenu that usually appears if you select an object in the list, and in the query parts of several menus of the editors (such as the Pitch menu, the Formants menu or the Spectrogram menu.


If you click a query command, the answer will be written to the Info window.


In a script, you can still use query commands to write the information to the Info window but you can also use any query command to put the information into a variable. (see Scripting 6.3. Query commands). In such a case, the value will not be written into the Info window.

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The Praat program contains at least the following query commands:

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