Objects window

One of the two main windows in the Praat program.


To the left: the List of Objects.
To the right: the Dynamic menu.

Fixed buttons

The following buttons appear below the List of Objects:



The Objects window contains several fixed menus: the Praat, New, Open, and Help menus. It also contains the Save menu, whose contents vary with the kinds of selected objects, and must, therefore, be considered part of the dynamic menu.

The Praat menu

New Praat script: creates an empty ScriptEditor
New Praat notebook: creates an empty NotebookEditor
Open Praat script...: creates a ScriptEditor with a script from disk
Open Praat notebook...: creates a NotebookEditor with a notebook from disk
• The Goodies submenu: for doing things (like using the Calculator) that do not create new objects and do not depend on the kinds of selected objects.
• The Settings submenu: for program-wide preferences, like audio input and output settings.
Buttons...: raises a ButtonEditor
• (Add menu command...)
• (Add action command...)

Other menus

• The New menu: for creating objects from scratch.
• The Open menu: for reading objects from file into memory.
• The Save menu: for writing objects from memory to file.
• The Help menu: for viewing the manual.

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