What was new in 3.6?

Praat 3.6, 27 October 1997


• Intuitive position of B and E buttons on left-handed mice.
SoundEditor: copy windowed selection to list of objects.
SoundEditor: undo Cut, Paste, Zero.
SpectrumEditor: copy band-filtered spectrum or sound to list of objects.
ManipulationEditor: LPC-based pitch manipulation.


• Use “-” and “+” in object names.

Phonetics library

• LPC-based resynthesis in ManipulationEditor.
Sound: direct modification without formulas (addition, multiplication, windowing)
Sound: filtering in spectral domain by formula.
• Create a simple Pitch object from a PitchTier (for F0) and a Pitch (for V/U).
• Semitones in PitchTier tables.
PointProcess: transplant time domain from Sound.
• Much more...

Phonology library

• Computational Optimality Theory. See OT learning.


• You can use ManPages files for creating your own tutorials. These contains buttons for playing and recording sounds, so you can use this for creating an interactive IPA sound training course.


• Programmable Praat script language: variables, expressions, control structures, procedures, complete dialog box, exchange of information with Info window, continuation lines.
• Use platform-independent relative file paths in Praat script.
ScriptEditor: Run selection.


• Rotation and scaling while printing the Picture window.
• Apart from bold and italic, now also bold-italic (see Text styles).
• Rounded rectangles.
• Conversion of millimetres and world coordinates.
• Measurement of text widths (screen and PostScript).


• Use the sendpraat program for sending messages to running Praat programs.


• Praat looks best with the new and beautiful System 8.

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