Pitch & PointProcess: To PitchTier...

A command that creates a PitchTier object from one selected Pitch and one selected PointProcess object.


to return the frequencies in the Pitch contour at the times specified by the PointProcess.


Check voicing (standard: on)
determines whether, if the time of a mark is not within a voiced frame, you will get a message like "No periodicity at time xxx.", and no PitchTier is created. If this button is off, the resulting pitch frequency will be 0.0 Hz.

Normal behaviour

For all the times in the PointProcess, a pitch frequency is computed from the information in the Pitch, by linear interpolation.

All the resulting time-frequency pairs are put in a new PitchTier object.

The time domain of the resulting PitchTier is a union of the domains of the original Pitch and PointProcess functions.

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