A growing list of functions that you can use in formulas and scripting...

abs (x) – absolute value
arccos (x) – inverse cosine
arcsin (x) – inverse sine
arctan (x) – inverse tangent
cos (x) – cosine
cosh (x) – hyperbolic cosine
exp (x) – exponentiation
index (string$, part$) – look up a substring, or 0 if not found
index (strings$#, s$) – look up whether s$ occurs in strings$#
mul## (a##, b##) – matrix multiplication
readFile$ (filePath$) – read a whole text file into a string
readLinesFromFile$# (filePath$) – read all lines from a text file
sin (x) – sine
sinh (x) – hyperbolic sine
splitByWhitespace$# (string$) – split a string into inks
tan (x) – tangent
tanh (x) – hyperbolic tangent

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