You can use numeric expressions and string (text) expressions in many places in Praat:

• in the calculator in Praat’s Goodies submenu;
• in the numeric fields of most settings windows;
• in a Praat script.

For some types of objects (mainly Sound and Matrix), you can also apply formulas to all their contents at the same time:

• when you create a Sound or a Matrix from the New menu;
• when you choose Formula... from the Modify menu for a selected object.

You can read this tutorial sequentially with the help of the “< 1” and “1 >” buttons.

1. My first formulas
    1.1. Formulas in the calculator
    1.2. Numeric expressions
    1.3. String expressions
    1.4. Array expressions
    1.5. Formulas in settings windows
    1.6. Formulas for creation
    1.7. Formulas for modification
    1.8. Formulas in scripts
2. Representations
    2.1. Representation of numbers
    2.2. Representation of strings
    2.3. Representation of arrays
3. Operators (+, -, *, /, ^)
4. Constants (pi, e, undefined)
5. Mathematical functions
6. String functions
7. Control structures (if then else fi, semicolon)
8. Attributes of objects
9. Data in objects

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