A function that can be used in Formulas.

Syntax and semantics

fisherQ (f, df1, df2)
compute the area under Fisher’s F-distribution from f to +∞, for df1 numerator degrees of freedom and df2 denominator degrees of freedom.

Related functions

(1) fisherQ is the inverse of invFisherQ, i.e.
fisherQ (invFisherQ (q, df1, df2), df1, df2) = q
invFisherQ (fisherQ (f, df1, df2), df1, df2) = f
(2) fisherQ is the complement of fisherP, i.e.
fisherQ (f, df1, df2) = 1 − fisherP (f, df1, df2)
fisherP (f, df1, df2) = 1 − fisherQ (f, df1, df2)

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