This is one of the tutorials of the Praat program. It assumes you are familiar with the Intro.

A script is a text that consists of menu commands and action commands. If you run the script (perhaps from a ScriptEditor), the commands are executed as if you clicked on them.

You can read this tutorial sequentially with the help of the "< 1" and "1 >" buttons.

Scripting 1. Your first scripts (how to create, how to run, how to save)
Scripting 2. How to script settings windows (numeric, boolean, multiple-choice, text, file)
Scripting 3. Simple language elements
    Scripting 3.1. Hello world (writeInfoLine, appendInfoLine)
    Scripting 3.2. Numeric variables (assignments)
    Scripting 3.3. Numeric queries
    Scripting 3.4. String variables (assignments)
    Scripting 3.5. String queries
    Scripting 3.6. "For" loops (for, endfor)
    Scripting 3.7. Layout (white space, comments, continuation lines)
Scripting 4. Object selection
    Scripting 4.1. Selecting objects
    Scripting 4.2. Removing objects
    Scripting 4.3. Querying objects
Scripting 5. Language elements reference
    Scripting 5.1. Variables (numeric, string)
    Scripting 5.2. Expressions (numeric, string)
    Scripting 5.3. Jumps (if, then, elsif, else, endif)
    Scripting 5.4. Loops (for/endfor, while/endwhile, repeat/until)
    Scripting 5.5. Procedures (@, procedure)
    Scripting 5.6. Arrays and dictionaries
    Scripting 5.7. Vectors and matrices
    Scripting 5.8. Including other scripts
    Scripting 5.9. Quitting (exitScript)
Scripting 6. Communication outside the script
    Scripting 6.1. Arguments to the script (form/endform, runScript)
    Scripting 6.2. Writing to the Info window (writeInfoLine, appendInfoLine, appendInfo, tab$)
    Scripting 6.3. Query commands (Get, Count)
    Scripting 6.4. Files (fileReadable, readFile, writeFile, deleteFile, createFolder)
    Scripting 6.5. Calling system commands (runSystem, environment$, stopwatch)
    Scripting 6.6. Controlling the user (pause, beginPause/endPause, chooseReadFile$)
    Scripting 6.7. Sending a message to another program (sendsocket)
    Scripting 6.8. Messages to the user (exitScript, assert, nowarn, nocheck)
    Scripting 6.9. Calling from the command line
Scripting 7. Scripting the editors
    Scripting 7.1. Scripting an editor from a shell script (editor/endeditor)
    Scripting 7.2. Scripting an editor from within
Scripting 8. Controlling Praat from another program
    Scripting 8.1. The sendpraat subroutine
    Scripting 8.2. The sendpraat program
Scripting 9.1. Turning a script into a stand-alone program
Scripting 9.2. Old functions

Also see the scripting examples.

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