Scripting 6. Communication outside the script
Scripting 6.1. Arguments to the script (form/endform, runScript)
Scripting 6.2. Writing to the Info window (writeInfoLine, appendInfoLine, appendInfo, tab$)
Scripting 6.3. Query commands (Get, Count)
Scripting 6.4. Files (fileReadable, readFile, writeFile, deleteFile, createFolder)
Scripting 6.5. Calling system commands (runSystem, environment$, stopwatch)
Scripting 6.6. Controlling the user (pause, beginPause/endPause, chooseReadFile$)
Scripting 6.7. Sending a message to another program (sendsocket)
Scripting 6.8. Messages to the user (exitScript, assert, nowarn, nocheck)
Scripting 6.9. Calling from the command line

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