Scripting 5. Language elements reference

In a Praat script, you can use variables, expressions, and functions, of numeric as well as string type, and most of the control structures known from other procedural computer languages. The way the distinction between numbers and strings is made, may remind you of the programming language Basic.

Scripting 5.1. Variables (numeric, string)
Scripting 5.2. Expressions (numeric, string)
Scripting 5.3. Jumps (if, then, elsif, else, endif)
Scripting 5.4. Loops (for/endfor, while/endwhile, repeat/until)
Scripting 5.5. Procedures (@, procedure)
Scripting 5.6. Arrays and dictionaries
Scripting 5.7. Vectors and matrices
Scripting 5.8. Including other scripts
Scripting 5.9. Quitting (exit)

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