One of the types of objects in Praat, for running a Multiple Forced Choice listening experiment.

ExperimentMFC 1. When to use Praat
ExperimentMFC 2. The first example
ExperimentMFC 2.1. The experiment file
ExperimentMFC 2.2. The stimuli
ExperimentMFC 2.3. The carrier phrase
ExperimentMFC 2.4. Breaks
ExperimentMFC 2.5. Randomization strategies
ExperimentMFC 2.6. Instructions
ExperimentMFC 2.7. Response categories
ExperimentMFC 2.8. Goodness judgments
ExperimentMFC 2.9. How an experiment proceeds
ExperimentMFC 3. More examples
ExperimentMFC 3.1. A simple discrimination experiment
ExperimentMFC 3.2. An AXB discrimination experiment
ExperimentMFC 3.3. A 4I-oddity experiment
ExperimentMFC 3.4. Variable inter-stimulus intervals
ExperimentMFC 4. Special buttons
ExperimentMFC 4.1. The replay button
ExperimentMFC 4.2. The OK button
ExperimentMFC 4.3. The oops button
ExperimentMFC 5. Stimulus-dependent texts
ExperimentMFC 5.1. The stimulus-dependent run text
ExperimentMFC 5.2. Stimulus-dependent response buttons
ExperimentMFC 6. Responses are sounds
ExperimentMFC 7. Blanking the screen
ExperimentMFC 8. Running multiple experiments

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