ExperimentMFC 2.3. The carrier phrase

The stimuli can be embedded in a carrier phrase. In the example experiment, we see that the stimulus will be inserted between the sounds in the files weSayTheWord.wav and again.wav, both of which are expected to be in the folder Sounds. If you do not want a carrier phrase, you do

    stimulusCarrierBefore = ""
    stimulusCarrierAfter = ""

If you want only an introductory phrase before the stimulus, and nothing after the stimulus, you do something like

    stimulusCarrierBefore = "listenTo"
    stimulusCarrierAfter = ""

and of course you supply the file listenTo.wav in the folder Sounds.

If you want to have a short silence before every stimulus (and before the carrier phrase), you supply a non-zero stimulusInitialSilenceDuration, as in the example.

Since the carrier phrase is concatenated with the stimulus before it is played, it should have the same sampling frequency as the stimulus files.

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