What was new in 4.0?

Praat 4.0, 15 October 2001


• Simplified selection and cursor in editor windows.
• Spectrogram, pitch contour, formant contour, and intensity available in the Sound, LongSound, and TextGrid editors.
• TextGrid editor: additions and improvements.
Log files.

Phonetics library:

ExperimentMFC: multiple-forced-choice listening experiments.
Sound: To Pitch (ac)...: pitch contour less dependent on time resolution. This improves the constancy of the contours in the editors when zooming.
• TextGrid: additions and improvements.
• Sounds: Concatenate recoverably. Creates a TextGrid whose interval labels are the original names of the sounds.
• Sound & TextGrid: Extract all intervals. The reverse of the previous command.
• Filterbank analyses, MelFilter, BarkFilter and FormantFilter, by band filtering in the frequency domain." )
• Cepstrum by David Weenink: MFCC, LFCC. Cepstrum object is a representation of the complex cepstrum.
• Intensity: To IntensityTier (peaks, valleys).
• Replaced Analysis and AnalysisEditor with Manipulation and ManipulationEditor.

Phonology library:

• PairDistribution: Get percentage correct (maximum likelihood, probability matching).
• OTGrammar & PairDistribution: Get percentage correct...


• Improved spectrogram drawing.
Special symbols: háček.
• Macintosh: improved screen rendition of rotated text.


• Macintosh: support for multiple audio input devices (sound cards).

Statistics and numerics library:

• More statistics by David Weenink.
• Improved random numbers and other numerical stuff.
Regular expressions.


• Formatting in variable substitution, e.g. 'pitch:2' gives two digits after the decimal point.
• Added fixed$ () to scripting language for formatting of numbers.


Multidimensional scaling tutorial.
• Enabled debugging-at-a-distance.

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