ED - Experiment Designer

ED is a program to create experiments for desktop environments:

  • Fully programmable in Java.
  • Can be used on all three major platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac).
  • Experiments can easily be exported to an online experiment. The export automatically converts the Java files to a JavaScript experiment which makes use of the EDWeb files installed on our server.
  • Easy overview by using a Tree structure with all lists and pages.
  • The experiment can start from every list/page, which is convenient for debugging.
  • Loading of all stimuli can automatically be checked
  • Makes use of right-click context menus that can paste predefined user code


The program depends on Java, so the Java Development Kit must be installed once:
No need for installation, just click the batch/sh file:
  • Windows: EDwin.bat
  • Mac: EDMac.command
  • Linux: EDLinux.sh
EDMac.command or EDLinux.sh must get execute permission. This can be set via the terminal:
sudo chmod 755 EDMac.command
sudo chmod 755 EDLinux.sh
For more info how to do this: Execute permissions on Mac.


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  • Reception - room: 4.61

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