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To give an impression what kind of software we have designed, we have listed a selection below. If you have special wishes for software it can be custom made.

ED - Experiment Designer
Program for designing desktop experiments, which can easily be converted into web experiments. Lists and pages can easily be designed with a couple of mouse clicks. The experiment is fully programmable in Java, the web experiment in JavaScript.

Fix Your Vowels
The program is based on the design of Carmen-Lie for mastering Spanish vowels (although it can be used for all kind of languages). Pronunciation can be practised by repeating words, that are pronounced by a native speaker, into a microphone which are analyzed real-time. As a result the vowels are shown in a vowel space together with the correct locations when pronounced by a native speakers.

Create fixations for Tobii EyeTracker on tab-delimited output
EyeTracking experiments made with E-Prime give a tab-delimited output with gazes only. This program appends columns to the original file, which will show the fixations that have been made (fixation position and duration).

Show fixations/heatmap for Tobii EyeTracker
When Create Fixations has been used (see above), a couple of columns have been appended with fixation information. This program will show in time where the fixations where made (overlay on picture).

Play sinusoid for E-Prime
A dll has been made that can be used by E-Prime, so that dynamically created sinusoids can be played. If this is fed into the second channel of a recording device, information can be written to the recorded file by using different frequencies for the sinusoids.

File parser with formal grammar
Files that contains blocks with a certain "pattern" that can be described in a formal grammar, can be checked to see if the rules are correctly applied (by use of lexer/parser).

Check/control parallel port
Tool for controlling the parallel port, so that there can be checked if the right address is used, and that all data lines are correctly functioning.

  • Automatic resizing of pictures in folder
  • BDF-reader/changer
  • Show Unicodes for given word
  • Movie to jpg (every "x" ms).

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