One of the types of objects in Praat, used for annotation (segmentation and labelling). For tutorial information, see Intro 7. Annotation.


A TextGrid object consists of a number of tiers. There are two kinds of tiers: an interval tier is a connected sequence of labelled intervals, with boundaries in between. A point tier is a sequence of labelled points.

How to create a TextGrid

From scratch:
Sound: To TextGrid... (takes the time domain from the Sound)
LongSound: To TextGrid... (takes the time domain from the LongSound)
PointProcess: To TextGrid... (takes the time domain from the PointProcess)
PointProcess: To TextGrid (vuv)... (labels voiced and unvoiced intervals)
Create TextGrid...
From merging existing TextGrids with each other:
TextGrids: Merge

How to edit a TextGrid

You select a TextGrid alone or together with a Sound or LongSound, and click View & Edit. A TextGridEditor will appear on your screen, containing the TextGrid and an optional copy of the Sound or LongSound.

How to draw a TextGrid

You can draw a TextGrid to the Picture window with:
TextGrid: Draw...
TextGrid & Sound: Draw...
TextGrid & Pitch: Draw...
TextGrid & Pitch: Draw separately...

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