TextGrid: To TextGridNavigator...

A command to create a new TextGridNavigator object for the selected TextGrid.


Tier number
defines the tier of the TextGrid that will be used for the navigation. This tier will be copied into the TextGridNavigator. This tier will be called the topic tier.
Next follow the settings for the navigation context. You can define a full context-sensitive search on the selected tier. This means that whether a label in an interval matches may depend on whether the label of the preceeding interval matches a certain condition and / or whether the label in the succeeding interval matches a possibly different condition.
Match domain
defines the start and end times of the match domain on this tier. Various options exist, the default, Topic start to Topic end takes the start time and end time of the interval that matches the topic. As is explained in the TextGridNavigator matching in multi-tier search is based on time intervals, therefore this option is irrelevant for single-tier searches.

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