Intro 8.3. Manipulation of intensity

You can modify the intensity contour of an existing sound.

While the pitch and duration of a sound can be modified with the ManipulationEditor (see Intro 8.1. Manipulation of pitch and Intro 8.2. Manipulation of duration), the modification of the intensity curve is done in a different way.

You can create an IntensityTier with the command Create IntensityTier... from the New menu. With View & Edit, you can add points to this tier. You can then "multiply" this tier with a sound, by selecting the Sound and the IntensityTier together and clicking Multiply. The points in the IntensityTier represent relative intensities in dB; therefore, the sound pressure values in the Sound are multiplied by 10(dB/20).

Instead of an IntensityTier, you can use an AmplitudeTier; when you click Multiply for a selected Sound and AmplitudeTier, the sound pressure values in the Sound are directly multiplied by the values in the AmplitudeTier.

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