What was new in 5.2?

5.2 (29 October 2010)

5.1.45 (26 October 2010)

• Linux/GTK: allow Praat to run without an X display.
• Sounds are played synchronously in scripts run from ManPages with \SC.

5.1.44 (4 October 2010)

• Linux/GTK: visibility of ExperimentMFC window.
• Linux/GTK: keyboard shortcuts.

5.1.43 (4 August 2010)

• Scripting: support for stand-alone programs; see Scripting 9. Turning a script into a stand-alone program.
• Table: allow drawing of ellipses even if irrelevant columns contain undefined data.
• Linux/GTK: correct resizing of Table window.
• Linux/GTK: prevented multiple storing of Picture window selection in scripting history.

5.1.42 (26 July 2010)

• Scripting: allow file selector windows; see Scripting 6.6. Controlling the user.
• Linux: multiple file selection.

5.1.41 (15 July 2010)

• OTGrammar: Compare candidates...
• GTK: support for the Doulos SIL and Charis SIL fonts.
• GTK: working vowel editor.
• Vowel editor: repaired memory leak.

5.1.40 (13 July 2010)

• GTK: working Demo window (drawing, clicks, keys).
• GTK: pause forms.
• GTK: manual pages: receive a white background, for compatibility with dark-background themes.
• GTK: in settings windows, better alignment of labels to radio groups.
• GTK: rotated text.

5.1.39 (10 July 2010)

• GTK beta version.
• Linux: made Sound: Record (fixed time)... work correctly (the sampling frequency was wrong).
• GTK: list of objects: multiple selection, working Rename button.
• GTK: running a script no longer deselects all objects at the start.
• GTK: working Buttons editor.
• GTK: correctly laid out settings windows.

5.1.38 (2 July 2010)

• Linux: made Sound: Record fixed time... work correctly (the sampling frequency was wrong).
• Mac: repaired a bug introduced in 5.1.35 that could cause Praat to crash if neither Doulos SIL nor Charis SIL were installed.
• Mac: correct live scrolling in Picture window and DataEditor.

5.1.37 (23 June 2010)

• PitchTier window and similar windows: can drag multiple points simultaneously.
• Table: t-tests report the number of degrees of freedom.
• GTK: correct progress bar again.
• GTK: correct behaviour of Synth menu in manipulation window.

5.1.36 (18 June 2010)

• Mac: live scrolling.
Demo window: the Demo window can now run from the command line.
• Motif: corrected a bug introduced in 5.1.33 whereby things in the Picture window could be placed incorrectly.
• GTK: script window accepts Unicode again.

5.1.35 (10 June 2010)

• TextGrid window: removed a very old bug that could lead to reversed intervals and to crashes when you inserted a boundary after using Shift-arrow and Command-arrow.
• Graphics: Praat now uses Doulos SIL instead of Charis SIL if your font setting is “Times” and the font is nonbold and nonitalic, because Doulos SIL matches Times New Roman better.
• kNN: made Ola Söder's k-nearest-neighbours classification compatible with Windows.

5.1.34 (31 May 2010)

• Sound window: corrected a bug that caused Praat to crash if the analysis window was shorter than 2 samples.
• GTK: scrolling in the Info window and script window.
• GTK: script editor: implemented searching, replacing, and change dialogs.

5.1.33 (24 May 2010)

• GTK alpha version.
• Abolished resolution independence: the Sound window now looks the same on all platforms, and the Demo window has the same relative font size on your screen and on the video projector.
• GTK: support for asynchronous audio output.
• GTK: sound plays once rather than three times in Sound and other windows.
• GTK: can click more than once in the manual.
• GTK: correct pink selections in Sound and other windows.
• GTK: correct dragging in TextGrid, Manipulation, and tier windows.
• GTK: a working TextGrid window.
• GTK: no automatic triple click in the manual (and many other windows).
• GTK: moving cursor while sound is playing in Sound and other windows.
• GTK: correct colours of the rectangles in Sound and other windows.
• GTK: a working Group button.
• GTK: correct font menus, font size menus, colour menus, line type menus.
• GTK: scrolling in the manual (and many other windows).
• GTK: erase old texts in manual windows.
• GTK: made Picture window come back when drawing.
• GTK: Info window is fronted automatically.
• GTK: support sendpraat.

5.1.32 (30 April 2010)

• Scripting: command Expand include files.
• Scripting: accept lines that start with non-breaking spaces (as may occur in scripts copied from the web manual).
• Sound files: accept MP3 files with extension written in capitals.
• Linux audio recording: corrected input choice (microphone, line).

5.1.31 (4 April 2010)

Sounds: Convolve..., Sounds: Cross-correlate..., Sound: Autocorrelate..., with full documentation.
• More query commands for IntensityTier.

5.1.30 (25 March 2010)

• Scripting: createFolder () can now work with absolute paths.
• PointProcess: made it impossible to add a point where there is already a point.

5.1.29 (11 March 2010)

• Full support for unicode values above 0xFFFF on Macintosh.

5.1.28 (10 March 2010)

• TextGrid window: removed a recently introduced bug that could cause Praat to crash when inserting a boundary.

5.1.27 (7 March 2010)

• Table: Wilcoxon rank sum test.
• Logistic regression: corrected a bug by which a boundary would sometimes not be drawn.

5.1.26 (25 February 2010)

• Experimental GTK version with the help of Franz Brauße.
• Corrected a bug that could cause Praat to crash if sound playing failed twice.

5.1.25 (20 January 2010)

• Script window: the new command Reopen from disk allows you to edit the script with an external editor.
• Script window: removed a bug that could cause Praat to crash if you did Find again before having done any Find.

5.1.24 (15 January 2010)

• Formulas run 10 to 20 percent faster.
• Macintosh: support for forward delete key and Command-‘.

5.1.23 (1 January 2010)

• Allowed multiple files to be selected with e.g. Read from file....
Demo window: guarded against handling the Demo window from two scripts at a time.

5.1.22 (15 December 2009)

• Picture window: millions of colours instead of just twelve.
• Sound window: Move frequency cursor to...

5.1.21 (30 November 2009)

Sound: Draw where...
Matrix: Draw contours... and LogisticRegression: Draw boundary... support reversed axes.
• Sound window: Move frequency cursor to....

5.1.20 (26 October 2009)

• Editor windows: repaired the Synchronized Zoom And Scroll preference.

5.1.19 (21 October 2009)

• Table: Randomize rows
• Tables: Append (vertically)
• Scripting: corrected a bug that could cause Praat to crash if the name of a field in a form contained a colon.
• Windows: corrected arc drawing.

5.1.18 (9 October 2009)

• The Demo window is less often automatically moved to the front (in order to allow it to pop up other editor windows).
DTW & TextGrid: To TextGrid (warp times): corrected a bug that could lead to an incorrect end time of the last interval in new IntervalTiers.

5.1.17 (22 September 2009)

• Made more stereo movies readable.
• Editor windows now have a Zoom Back button.

5.1.16 (17 September 2009)

• Macintosh: corrected a bug that caused incorrect phonetic symbols if Charis SIL was available but SIL Doulos IPA93 was not.

5.1.15 (30 August 2009)

• Corrected a bug in Sound: Change gender... introduced in 5.1.14.

5.1.14 (27 August 2009)

• Windows: corrected a bug introduced in 5.1.13 that caused Praat to crash during tab navigation.
• Made Sound: Change gender... compatible with elephant calls (i.e. very low F0).

5.1.13 (21 August 2009)

• Script window: Find and Replace.
Picture window (and therefore Demo window!): Insert picture from file... (MacOS 10.4 and up).
Demo window: full screen (on the Mac).
• Scripting: faster object selection (scripts no longer slow down when there are many objects in the list).
• Scripting: variableExists ().
• Macintosh: PDF clipboard (MacOS 10.4 and up).

5.1.12 (4 August 2009)

• Macintosh: the Picture window can save to PDF file (you need MacOS 10.4 or up).
• Macintosh: corrected a bug that caused Praat to crash at start-up on MacOS 10.3.

5.1.11 (19 July 2009)

5.1.10 (8 July 2009)

• Corrected a bug that could cause Praat to crash if the Demo window was closed after an execute.
• OTGrammar & PairDistribution: added Get minimum number correct....

5.1.09 (28 June 2009)

• Made East-European Roman characters available in EPS files.

5.1.08 (21 June 2009)

• Removed a bug introduced in 5.1.07 that could cause strange pictures in manual.
• Macintosh: execute sendpraat messages immediately instead of waiting for the user to click the jumping Praat icon.

5.1.07 (12 May 2009)

Demo window: navigation by arrow keys also on Windows.
Demo window: no longer crashes on Linux.

5.1.06 (11 May 2009)

Demo window.

5.1.05 (7 May 2009)

• KlattGrid update.

5.1.04 (4 April 2009)

• Corrected a bug that could cause a missing text character in EPS files produced by a version of Praat running in batch.
• Corrected a bug that could cause high values in a Matrix computed from a Pitch.

5.1.03 (21 March 2009)

• ExperimentMFC: corrected a bug introduced in 5.0.36 that caused Praat to crash if a sound file did not exist.
• Articulatory synthesis: corrected a bug that could cause Praat to crash when copying Artwords.
• Macintosh: corrected a bug that could cause poor text alignment in picture.

5.1.02 (9 March 2009)

• Allow pause forms without fields.
• The value “undefined” is disallowed from all fields in command windows except Table: Set numeric value... and TableOfReal: Set value....
TextGrid: List... and TextGrid: Down to Table....
• OT learning: Giorgio Magri’s Weighted all up, highest down update rule.

5.1.01 (26 February 2009)

• Corrected several bugs in Klatt synthesis.

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