Demo window

The Demo window is a window in which you can draw and ask for user input. You can use it for demonstrations, presentations, simulations, adaptive listening experiments, and stand-alone programs (for the latter, see Scripting 9. Turning a script into a stand-alone program).

 Demo window 1. My first Demo window script (demo)
 Demo window 2. Getting user input (demoWaitForInput, demoClicked, demoKeyPressed, demoKey$)
 Demo window 3. Getting click locations (demoX, demoY, demoClickedIn)
 Demo window 4. Full-screen viewing
 Demo window 5. Asynchronous play (asynchronous)
 Demo window 6. Animation (demoShow, sleep, demoPeekInput)
 Demo window 7. Miscellaneous (demoShiftKeyPressed, demoWindowTitle)
 Demo window 8. Tips and Tricks

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