Intro 4.5. The Pitch object

The pitch contour that is visible in the SoundEditor or TextGridEditor window, can be copied as a separate Pitch object to the List of Objects. To do this, choose Extract visible pitch contour from the Pitch menu.

Another way to get a separate Pitch object is to select a Sound object in the list choose Sound: To Pitch... (preferred) or any of the other methods from the Periodicity menu.

To view and modify the contents of a Pitch object, select it and choose View & Edit. This creates a PitchEditor window on your screen.

To save a pitch contour to disk, select the Pitch object in the list and choose one of the commands in the Save menu.

Later on, you can read the saved file again with Read from file... from the Open menu.

To draw a Pitch object to the Picture window, select it and choose any of the commands in the Draw menu. From the Picture window, you can print it, save it to an EPS file, or copy it to the clipboard for inclusion in your word processor.

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