The space around most of your drawings in the Picture window.

World coordinates

With the commands in the Margins menu, you draw text, ticks, numbers, or a rectangle, in the margins around the latest drawing that you made, or you draw dotted lines through or text inside this last drawing.

You specify the positions of these things in world coordinates, i.e., in coordinates that refer to the natural coordinate system of your last drawing.

The numbers that you can mark around your drawing also refer to these coordinates. For instance, after drawing a spectrum with Spectrum: Draw..., you can draw a dotted line at 2000 Hz or at 60 dB by choosing One mark bottom... or One mark left... and typing "2000" or "60", respectively.


The margin commands work with all the drawings that leave margins around themselves, such as Sound: Draw..., Spectrogram: Paint..., Polygon: Paint..., and more. They do not work properly, however, with the commands that draw vocal tract shapes, like Art & Speaker: Draw... and Artword & Speaker: Draw..., because these can only be drawn correctly into a square viewport.

Limited validity

The margin commands work only on the latest drawing that you made (unless you Undo that drawing).

Margin size

The size of the margins depends on the font size, so be sure that you have the font size of your choice before you make your drawing. You can set the font size with the Font menu.

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