Formant: Speckle...

A command to draw the selected Formant objects to the Picture window.


Every formant value is drawn as a small circle, filled with the current colour.


From time (s)
To time (s)
the time domain of the drawing. If To time is not greater than From time, the entire formant contour is drawn.
Maximum frequency (Hz)
the height of the y axis. For speech, 5000 Hz is a usual value.
Dynamic range (dB)
determines the signal intensity (as stored in each formant frame) below which no formants will be drawn. If zero, all formants will be drawn. The standard value is 30 dB, which would mean that formants in frames with intensities less than the maximum intensity minus 30 dB will not be drawn.
determines whether axes, numbers, and texts ("Time", "Formant frequency") will be drawn in the margins around the picture. Turn this button off if you prefer to garnish your picture by yourself with the Margins menu.

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