Font menu

One of the menus of the Picture window.

It allows you to choose the font of the text to be used in subsequent drawing, as well as its size (character height).


You can choose any of the sizes 10, 12, 14, 18, or 24 directly from this menu, or fill in any other size in the Font size... form.

The widths of the margins depend on the current font size, so if you want to change the font size, do so before making your drawing.


With these commands, you set the font in which subsequent text will be drawn: Times, Helvetica, Palatino, or Courier.

You can mix the Symbol and IPA alphabets with the normal Roman alphabets and use sequences of backslash + digraph for special symbols (see also phonetic symbols).

For instance, you can get an ë by typing \e", or a ß by typing \ss; you can get an ε by typing \ep, or a ɔ, which is a turned c, by typing \ct.


There are no commands in the menu for text styles (bold, italic), but you can still use them in the Picture window: see text styles.

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