One of the types of objects in PRAAT.

It represents a one-way table with dissimilarities between "objects".

Creating a Dissimilarity from data in a text file

Suppose you have three objects A, B and C. In one way or another, you have acquired the following (symmetric) dissimilarities: δAB = 2 (= δBA) , δAC = 1 (= δCA), and δBC = 1.4 (= δCB), where δAB represents the dissimilarity between object A and object B.

You can create a simple text file like the following:

    "ooTextFile" ! The line by which Praat can recognize your file
    "Dissimilarity" ! The line that tells Praat about the contents
    3 "A" "B" "C" ! Number of columns, and column labels
    3 ! Number of rows
    "A" 0 2 1 ! Row label (A), A-B value, A-C value
    "B" 2 0 1.4 ! Row label (B), B-A value, B-C value
    "C" 1 1.4 0 ! Row label (C), C-A value, C-B value

Notice that:

This text file can be read with the Read from file... command. Since a Dissimilarity object has the data structure of a square symmetrical TableOfReal, you could also start from an appropriate TableOfReal object and cast it to a Dissimilarity object.






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