Ton Wempe


            My book Into Sound (Free downloadable pdf)

If you prefer the ‘real book’ instead of some 140 separate sheets of paper out of your printer, you may buy a copy from the bookstore at a reasonable price. Into sound: ISBN number: 9789402179453.

            ScriptsIntoSound.exe (Demo Praat scripts)

Formant analysis from spectral content


Formant Spectrogram.script

            Downloadable Praat script files for F0-related spectral envelope measurements based on my article in Proceedings 24 of the Institute (made much faster and adapted to Praat 5.1):

            Truncated Filtering Analysis script 5-09

            F0-controlled Bandfilter script v5

            View envelope spectrum at cursor script  (Useful Praat script for producing and displaying Gauss bandfilter envelope spectra at cursor position in Sound editor. A new menu button for this feature can be created in Praat’s Sound editor)

Downloadable Praat script files from presentation at ICPhS 2003:

            Truncated Filtering Spectrum script

            Truncated Filtering Spectrogram v2 script

            Downloadable Praat script files for A-weighted filtering and low/high pass filtering:


            A-weighted filter script

            Universal filter script


            Downloadable pdf’s about some old IFA-built equipment:

Ifa gate

Mechanical vowel generator (in Dutch)

Precision gate

Segment spectrograph

Speech formant generator


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