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SpeakGoodChinese was supported by grant 6046 from the Digitale Universiteit

A lot of people worked on this project before making this in to an usable application.

We would like to thank Paul Boersma (UvA) for his extensive help with integrating SGC in Praat, and Zhao Ran (赵冉) and Yitna Firdyiwek of the University of Virginia and Takahiro Higashi (東孝拓) from Peking University for their help in integrating SGC in the classroom and their many suggestions and tests.
We also want to thank Tristian van Berkom, J.E. Raaijmakers, R. van Rijsselt and S. Verhagen. Translations: Japanese - Takahiro Higashi (東孝拓); Chinese - Takahiro Higashi (東孝拓) and Wang Huiting(王慧婷) We are very grateful for all the practical, organisational, and financial support from the staff and board of the Digitale Universiteit.