One of the types of objects in Praat. Represents an ordered list of strings.


The difficult way is to create a Strings object from a generic Praat text file (if there are non-ASCII symbols, use UTF-8 or UTF-16 format):

    5 ! number of strings
    "Auf wiedersehen"

In this example, we see that a double quote within a string should be written twice; the fourth string will therefore be read as Tschüss. This file can be read simply with the generic Read from file... command from the Open menu.

An easier way is to use the special command Read Strings from raw text file.... The file can then simply look like this:

    Auf wiedersehen

You can also create a Strings object from a folder listing or from some other objects:

Create Strings as file list...
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OTGrammar: Generate inputs...
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