Sound: To PowerCepstrogram...

A command that creates a PowerCepstrogram from every selected Sound.


Pitch floor (Hz)
determines the effective length of the analysis window as three periods of this pitch, e.g. if the pitch floor is 60 Hz, the analysis window will be 3/60 = 0.05 seconds long.
Time step (s)
defines the distance between the centres of subsequent frames. This determines the number of frames in the resulting PowerCepstrogram.
Maximum frequency (Hz)
the maximum frequency subject to analysis.
Pre-emphasis from (Hz)


The sound will first be resampled to twice the value of the Maximum frequency, with the algorithm described at Sound: Resample.... After this, pre-emphasis is applied with the algorithm described at Sound: Pre-emphasize (in-place).... For each analysis window a Gaussian window is applied and the Spectrum is calculated. The Spectrum is then transformed to a PowerCepstrum with the procedure described at Spectrum: To PowerCepstrum. Finally, the values from the PowerCepstrum are stored in the vertical slice of the PowerCepstrogram.

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