Sound: Resample...

A command that creates new Sound objects from the selected Sounds.


High-precision resampling from any sampling frequency to any other sampling frequency.


Sampling frequency (Hz)
the new sampling frequency, in hertz.
the depth of the interpolation, in samples (standard is 50). This determines the quality of the interpolation used in resampling.


If Precision is 1, the method is linear interpolation, which is inaccurate but fast.

If Precision is greater than 1, the method is sin(x)/x ("sinc") interpolation, with a depth equal to Precision. For higher Precision, the algorithm is slower but more accurate.

If Sampling frequency is less than the sampling frequency of the selected sound, an anti-aliasing low-pass filtering is performed prior to resampling.


A new Sound will appear in the list of objects, bearing the same name as the original Sound, followed by the sampling frequency. For instance, the Sound "hallo" will give a new Sound "hallo_10000".

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