Sound: To Pitch (cc)...

A hidden command that creates a Pitch object from every selected Sound object.

The parameters are in the following order:

Time step (s) (standard value: 0.0)
Pitch floor (Hz) (standard value: 75 Hz)
Max. number of candidates (standard value: 15)
Very accurate (standard value: off)
Silence threshold (standard value: 0.03)
Voicing threshold (standard value: 0.45)
Octave cost (standard value: 0.01 per octave)
Octave-jump cost (standard value: 0.35)
Voiced / unvoiced cost (standard value: 0.14)
Pitch ceiling (Hz) (standard value: 600 Hz)

With the advent of Sound: To Pitch (filtered cc)... in 2023, this command was replaced with Sound: To Pitch (raw cc)....


While Sound: To Pitch (cc)... will still work in scripts, you may like to transition to Sound: To Pitch (raw cc).... Please note that the Pitch ceiling parameter was moved immediately after Pitch floor, where it fits more logically. For example, you can replace the line

    To Pitch (cc): 0.0, 75, 15, “off”, 0.03, 0.45, 0.01, 0.35, 0.14, 600

with the entirely equivalent line

    To Pitch (raw cc): 0.0, 75, 600, 15, “off”, 0.03, 0.45, 0.01, 0.35, 0.14

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