Save as PNG file...

A command in the File menu of the Picture window, on all platforms.

It saves the picture to a PNG (“ping”) image file, which can be imported by several other programs, such as Microsoft® Word™. For the resolution you can choose between 600 dots per inch (very good quality even when printed) and 300 dpi (enough for all web sites, even on retina displays).

Usage in text processors

On Windows, PNG files may sometimes have the best quality that you can get, although you should also try Save as EPS file... and Copy to clipboard. On Macintosh or Linux, Save as PDF file... or Copy to clipboard is almost always better.

Usage for publication

Some publishers do not accept PDF pictures. In such a case, they may accept 600-dpi or 300-dpi PNG pictures. If they accept TIFF pictures only, then you can easily convert your PNG picture to a TIFF picture with any graphics converter program.


Only the contents of the part of the Picture window that you selected (the viewport) are written to the PNG file.


To import a PNG file in Word, choose InsertPictureFrom file.... Word will create a picture with the same size as the originally selected part of the Picture window (the viewport).

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