Copy to clipboard

A command in the File menu of the Picture window on Windows and Macintosh.

It copies the selected part of the picture to the clipboard. You can then Paste it into any program that knows how to display pictures.


Though all the picture data will be written to the clipboard, only the part that corresponds to the selected part of the Picture window (the viewport) will be visible.


On Windows, if you have a PostScript printer, you may want to use Save as EPS file... instead (experiment with the results after converting to PDF or printing). If the picture is too large, e.g. a spectrogram that does not seem to fit into the clipboard, you can try Save as Windows metafile... instead.

On the Mac, the picture will be put on the clipboard in PDF format, which is recognized by programs that know how to handle PDF pictures, such as Microsoft® Word™ 2008; the quality of the picture will be exactly as good as when you use Save as PDF file... and read in the resulting PDF file. Please realize that Word will convert the PDF picture to a mediocre 300-dpi bitmap if you save the document as a .doc file; therefore, you should save the document as a .docx file instead. If you cannot work with .docx files (for instance because your publisher does not accept that file type yet), consider using Save as EPS file... instead. In older programs, such as Microsoft® Word™ 2004, you cannot paste Praat's PDF pictures; use Save as EPS file... instead.

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