Intro 2.1. Saving a sound to disk

There are several ways to write a sound to disk.

First, the File menu of the SoundRecorder window contains commands to save the left channel, the right channel, or both channels of the recorded sound to any of four standard types of sound files (WAV, AIFC, NeXT/Sun, NIST). These four file types are all equally good for Praat: Praat will handle them equally well on every computer. The first three of these types will also be recognized by nearly all other sound-playing programs.

Then, once you have a Sound object in the List of Objects, you can save it in several formats with the commands in the Save menu. Again, the WAV, AIFF, AIFC, NeXT/Sun, and NIST formats are equally fine.

For more information, see the Sound files tutorial.

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