Create DurationTier...

A command in the New menu to create an empty DurationTier object. The resulting object will have the specified name and time domain, but contain no duration points. To add some points to it, use DurationTier: Add point....


To create a tier 0.9 seconds long, with an deceleration around 0.6 seconds, you do (either in a script or by choosing these 4 commands by hand):

    Create DurationTier: “dur”, 0, 0.9
    Add point: 0.3, 1
    Add point: 0.6, 2.3
    Add point: 0.7, 1

The result will look like

The target duration will be the area under this curve, which is 0.9 + 1/2 · 1.3 · 0.4 = 1.16 seconds.

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