Downloading Praat for SPARC Solaris

We have stopped creating new versions of Praat for SPARC Solaris. If you have a SPARC Solaris workstation, you can still create a new version yourself directly from the source code. The last version that we did create was 4.3:

praat4300_solaris.tar.gz (January 26, 2005; 1.4 MB)

Unpack with gunzip and tar xvf. This will create the executable file praat. You can remove the tar file.

An audio bug on some Sun computers

Some computers have a bug in their audio device that causes you to hear a click sound before and after playing a sound in Praat. To minimize the distracting effect of this, you could tell Praat to play a silence before and after every played sound. See the command "Sound output prefs" under "Preferences" in the "Control" menu.

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