Downloading Praat for Hewlett Packard Unix

We have stopped creating new versions of Praat for Hewlett Packard Unix. If you have a HP-UX workstation, you can still create a new version yourself directly from the source code. The last version that we did create was 4.1:

praat4100_hpux.tar.gz (May 28, 2003; 1,840,396 bytes)

Unpack with gunzip and tar xvf. This will create the executable file praat. You can remove the tar file.

HPUX sound input and output

For sound output, Praat uses your audio server. See the audio man page if sound output does not work.

For sound input, Praat tries to access your audio device directly. You may have to change the internal/external speaker choice in the Preferences menu.

If you experience any problems with sound, contact Paul Boersma.

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