Some of Paul Boersma’s presentations

Note: after 2011, nearly all of my presentations involve live computer simulations (on neural-network and deep-learning models of the acquisition of phonology) and can therefore only be run in Praat by somebody who knows exactly which buttons to press when. That is why I have not included these presentations here.
2011/11/04 Het ontstaan van het Frankische tooncontrast uit focusintonatie.
Presentation at the fairwell meeting for Anette Ölander, Amsterdam.
2011/01/22 Paul Boersma & Silke Hamann:
Bidirectional use of constraints predicts diachronic merger.
Poster OCP 8, Marrakech.
2008/10/17 Lise Menn & Paul Boersma:
What we can and cannot model about child speech -- towards more psycholinguistic plausibility in modeling phonological development.
ACLC lecture, Amsterdam.
2008/01/25 Björn Köhnlein & Paul Boersma:
Westerwald Franconian: a different ternary scale for tone spreading.
Poster OCP 5, Toulouse.
2007/11/09 Joint work with Joe Pater:
Creating natural and unnatural constraints: the case of Canadian raising.
Presentation at our Institute of Phonetic Sciences, Amsterdam. 32 slides.
2007/10/27 Paul Boersma & Joe Pater:
Constructing constraints from language data: the case of Canadian English diphthongs.
Handout NELS 38, Ottawa. 18 pages.
2007/07/08 The evolution of phonotactic distributions in the lexicon.
Presentation Workshop on Variation, Gradience and Frequency in Phonology, Stanford. 32 slides.
2007/05/19 The emergence of ranking by cue.
Presentation Workshop on Experimental Approaches to OT, Ann Arbor. 29 slides.
2007/04/11 The emergence of auditory contrast.
Presentation GLOW 30, Tromsø. 24 slides.
2007/01/20 Paul Boersma & Silke Hamann:
Phonological perception in loanword adaptation.
Presentation OCP 4, Rhodes. 21 slides.
2006/11/29 Parallel bidirectional phonology and phonetics.
Presentation III Congresso Internacional de Fonética e Fonologia, Belo Horizonte. 44 slides.
2006/05/28 The acquisition and evolution of faithfulness rankings.
Handout 14th Manchester Phonology Meeting. 14 pages.
2006/01/17 Paul Boersma & Silke Hamann:
Sibilant inventories in bidirectional phonology and phonetics.
Handout OCP 3, Budapest. 12 pages.
2005/06/25 Phonology without markedness constraints.
Presentation ICLaVE 3, Amsterdam. 24 slides.
Additional material: Praat OT grammars: Perception | Production | Spirants
2005/01/21 Paul Boersma & Silke Hamann:
Featural enhancement with probabilistic faithfulness constraints.
Presentation OCP 2, Tromsø.
2004/09/22 Richness of the Base is in comprehension.
Presentation Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. 36 slides.
2004/09/21 Listener-oriented phonology.
Presentation Center for Speech and Language Processing, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. 58 slides.
2004/06/25 Paola Escudero & Paul Boersma:
L2 recategorization of an ‘old’ phonological contrast.
Poster LabPhon 9, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.
2002/05/24 De volgorde van de gebeurtenissen in de geschiedenis van het Limburgse tooncontrast.
Presentation at the meeting of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Fonetische Wetenschappen on “segmentele toonverschijnselen, vooral in Limburg”, Antwerpen.
1999/07/30 Why we need a separate perception grammar.
Poster ICPhS satellite meeting on perception in phonology, San Francisco.

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