Paul Boersma’s writings on statistics

The following paper compares two methods for measuring cue weighting: the edge difference ratio and logistic regression.

2005 Paul Boersma & Paola Escudero:
Measuring relative cue weighting: a reply to Morrison.
Studies in Second Language Acquisition 27: 607–617.

The following paper presents a way to guide listeners through an auditory space:

2009 Titia Benders & Paul Boersma:
Comparing methods to find a best exemplar in a multidimensional space.
Proceedings of Interspeech 2009, Brighton, 6–10 September 2009, pp. 396–399.

The following paper presents a maximum likelihood method for finding discrimination peaks in continuous data:

2013 Paul Boersma & Kateřina Chládková:
Detecting categorical perception in continuous discrimination data.
Speech Communication 55: 33–39.
Earlier version: Proceedings of Interspeech 2010, 2010/09.

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