Determine pathological type

How to determine the pathological type (acoustic signal typing)

Record or Open an /a/ sound, select a stable part of the recording and add information about the speaker and recording:

Pathological type

A short description of the criteria to determine the pathological type is displayed when you click on the Pathology button on the Configuration page. It can also be found on the Acoustic Signal Typing manual page.

The criteria for the pathological typing are mostly impressionistic. This is about the ability of the speaker to produce a stable /a/ sound with many harmonics. This can be evaluated by listening to the sound, and looking at the Spectrogram. Inspection of the Pitch and Harmonicity displays will give extra information.

When a voice has been evaluated and a type decided upon, the type can be entered by pressing one of the number keys, 1-4 for types I - IV. The types can always be changed. The currently selected type will be printed over the display and stored together with the boundaries of the current selection in the table with speaker data. Pressing 0 will erase the type and the boundaries. Pressing 9 will set the boundaries but will not change the type.

Acoustic signal typing and Voice Quality

There are also experimental automatic evaluation of pathological type and Voice Quality. These automatic evaluations are displayed in the VoicePrints.


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