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TEVA is used by clicking buttons on the current page. Here is a list of the buttons on the Configuration page with a description of their use. English labels will be used here. The keyboard shortcuts are given between the []-brackets (might depend on language). See also the Overview of Main page.

Many of buttons are radio type push buttons. When clicked, they remain "pushed down" until another button is pushed. The state of these button is remembered between invocations of TEVA. Buttons on a (light) gray background are grouped together, like the language choice buttons or the Frequency buttons.

General functions

Frequency: Spectral display

The display of spectral features should be reduced to exclude irrelevant detail. Set the maximal frequency to a frequency that just includes all the relevant features. The sample frequency of recordings are adjusted to this display frequency. If the display frequency is set to 5 kHz or below, the sample frequency will be set to 11.025 kHz (down from 22.050 kHz).


Pitch tracker settings

Archive recording and collection of audio

Execute automatic analysis that might be time consuming

Voiceprint output format

The format to write the voicprint image to. Not all formats are available on all platforms

Selection of speakers or recordings from the speaker data table

Speakers: Speaker data tables and recording duration

It is useful to have a list of speaker data available. TEVA can read and write Tab delimited tables (tsv) with speaker data. A backup of this file, with a tilde '~' appended to the name, is created if the data are changed.

Each row in the speaker table contains at least five fields separated by tabs:

[1] ID Speaker, or Recording, ID (must be unique)
[2] Text Speaker description (age, sex, etc)
[3] Description Comments
[4] Audio File name of a recording with path relative to the table
[5] AST Acoustic Signal Type (1-4)
[6] StartTime Start of the window used for AST (optional)
[7] EndTime End of the window used for AST (optional)
[8] Prepared columns with Acoustic Signal Type (1-4) (optional)

If given, the recording will be automatically loaded if this speaker is selected in the main page. Additional columns are used for specific functions, e.g., VAS rating scales.

Rating screens


Recording sets the duration of live recordings. It also allows to set complex recording tasks

Additional information

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