Kateřina Chládková

Institute of Phonetics, Charles University
Nám. Jana Palacha 2, 116 38 Praha
Institute of Psychology, Czech Academy of Sciences
Hybernská 8, 110 00 Praha

email: katerina (dot) chladkova (at) ff (dot) cuni (dot) cz
phone: +420 221 403 916

journal articles

Tuninetti, A., Chládková, K., Peter, V., Schiller, N.O., & Escudero, P. (2017). When speaker identity is unavoidable: Neural processing of speaker identity cues in natural speech. Brain and Language,174: 42-49.

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Chládková, K., Podlipský, V.J., & Chionidou, A. (2017). Perceptual adaptation of vowels generalizes across the phonology and doesn't require local context. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 43, 414-427. Pre-print version.

Kriengwatana, B., Terry, J., Chládková, K., & Escudero, P. (2016). Speaker and accent variation are handled differently: Evidence in native and non-native listeners. PLoS ONE 11(6): e0156870. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0156870

Chládková, K., Hamann, S., Williams, D., & Hellmuth, S. (2016). F2 slope as a perceptual cue for the front-back contrast in Standard Southern British English. Language and Speech.Pre-print version.

Chládková, K., Escudero, P., & Lipski, S. (2015). When “AA” is long but “A” is not short: speakers who distinguish short and long vowels in production do not necessarily encode a short-long contrast in their phonological lexicon. Frontiers in Psychology, 6:438.

Chládková, K., Escudero, P., & Lipski, S. (2013). Pre-attentive sensitivity to vowel duration reveals native phonology and predicts learning of second-language sounds. Brain and Language,126 (3): 243-252.

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manuscripts in prep/under review

Chládková, K., & Šimáčková, Š. (under review). Distributional learning is supervised by prior language experience.

Chládková, K., Scharinger, M., Schröger, E. (in prep.). Learning from probability distributions: multidimensional and asymmetrical.

Chládková, K., Boersma, P., & Escudero, P. (in prep.). Adults learn to shift phoneme boundaries after unsupervised distributional training.

conference proceedings

Chládková, K., Boersma, P., & Benders, T. (2015). The perceptual basis of the feature vowel height. Proceedings of ICPhS XVIII 2015, Glasgow, article 711.

Dadwani, R., Peter, V., Chládková, K., Geambașu, A., & Escudero, P. (2015). Adult listeners’ processing of indexical versus linguistic differences in a pre-attentive discrimination paradigm. Proceedings of ICPhS XVIII 2015, Glasgow, article 829.

Podlipský, V.J., Šimáčková, Š., & Chládková, K. (2013). Imitation interacts with one's second-language phonology but it does not operate cross-linguistically. Proceedings of Interspeech 2013, Lyon, France.

Chládková, K., & Hamann, S. (2011). High vowels in Standard British English: /u/-fronting does not result in merger. Proceedings of ICPhS XVII 2011, Hong Kong, pp 476-479.

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PhD and MA thesis

Chládková, K. (2014). Finding Phonological Features in Perception. PhD dissertation, University of Amsterdam.

Chládková, K. (2009). Auditory cues determine allomorphy: Vocalized and non-vocalized prepositions in Czech. Unpublished MA thesis, University of Amsterdam.