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Multimodal affective human-machine interaction

From April until December 2008, I lived in Miami to do my Master’s thesis project at Florida International University in the Affective Social Computing Group. I investigated the possible role that human emotions can have as an inspiration in Artificial Intelligence and human-machine interaction.




Master’s thesis

Master’s Colloquium

Zeppy: The Project

This project, that I did with three friends, started as an extracurricular research project to explore the possibilities of an autonomous robotic blimp. The aim was to build a remote controlled, helium filled blimp and transform it into a flying robot that could navigate and communicate on its own. The project was financially supported by the University of Groningen and the result was rewarded with credits. We have been on regional television with our blimp and we were invited to let it fly at the CeBIT, a huge IT fair in Hannover. A new group of students is continuing our work.


Project website

Da Vinci code game playing agent

In the context of the master’s course “Multi-Agent Systems” at the University of Groningen, two friends and I created a Java applet of the ‘Da Vinci Code’ game. With this applet you can play against our computer agent, who uses a set of different rules which help it draw the right conclusion about available and deduced information. These rules are based on a couple of sources to gain knowledge, such as available common knowledge and epistemic logic rules.


Project website

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Netflix movie recommender system

Inspired by the Netflix Prize, the teachers of the Master’s course ‘User Models’ gave us the assignment to create a movie recommender system that models a user’s movie preference. A friend and I implemented a hybrid approach in which we used both content based information, which we extracted from IMDB, and collaborative filtering, provided by the Netflix user ratings.



Netflix Prize


Co-evolution and speciation

In order to finish the Bachelor Artificial Intelligence, students write a thesis. I did my Bachelor’s project with two friends about co-evolution and speciation. The aim of this project was to give insight into the way speciation occurs in nature by building an agent based simulation. The research question was whether co-evolution between a predator and a prey could result in sympatric speciation.


Bachelor’s thesis

Bachelor’s colloquium




Past Projects


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Research interests:

Artificial Intelligence, Language Evolution, Multi-agent systems, Cultural Evolution, Robotics, Machine Learning, Human-Robot Interaction, Cognitive Science