Welcome to CGIscriptor and the CGIservlet

CGIscriptor merges plain ASCII HTML files on-line and real-time, transparantly and savely with PERL code, shell commands, and executable scripts. It combines the "ease of use" of HTML files with the versatillity of specialized scripts and PERL programs. It hides all the specifics and idiosyncrasies of correct output and CGI coding and naming. Scripts do not have to be aware of HTML or CGI conventions just as HTML files can be ignorant of scripts and the associated values. CGIscriptor complies with the W3C HTML 4.0 recommendations.

CGIservlet is a HTTPd "connector" for running CGI scripts on Unix systems as WWW accessible Web sites. The version found here is configured to run CGIscriptor out of the box. Together, these two scripts make a small and simple, but complete, Web server.
The servlet starts a true HTTP daemon but is NOT a full fledged server. Moreover, this servlet is definitely NOT intended as a replacement of a real server (e.g., Apache). It's design goal was SIMPLICITY, and not mileage.

Both programs are licensed under the GNU GPL.

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