What was new in 6.3?

6.3 (15 November 2022)

• Number-aware sorting for labels when drawing tables.
• Scripting: sort$# (), shuffle$# (), sort_numberAware$# ().
• Fixed a crash when saving (or copying) a DTW object.
• Scripting: fixed a crash when using Close after editor.

6.2.23 (8 October 2022)

• Fix a crash introduced in August 2020 when in the Sound window you would select a part, then click sel, then select a part, then do Cut, then click bak.
Rename should leave an object’s ID in the title of the editor window.
• Windows graphics should support a resolution of 690 dots per inch.
• Editor scripting: corrected a bug introduced in 6.2.15 whereby an added editor script would lose the editor context if it contained a form, after Apply was clicked.
• Editor windows (such as the Sound window): showing a dialog window that calls a script (e.g. Log script 3, Log script 4 or an added command) should remove the previous version of that window.
• Mac editor windows: dialog windows that call scripts should disappear when the editor goes away (as on Windows and Linux).

6.2.22 (6 October 2022)

• Playing cursor in Pitch, PitchTier, KlattGrid and PointProcess windows.
• Corrected a bug introduced in 6.2.15 whereby an added editor script would lose the editor context if it contained a form, after OK was clicked.

6.2.21 (1 October 2022)

• Corrected a bug introduced in 6.2.15 whereby a sub-window in Inspect would crash upon clicking Change.

6.2.20 (24 September 2022)

• More balanced colours.
• Hierarchical menus in editor windows.
• Sound window scripting: understand editor$ again in log format (bug since 6.2.15).

6.2.19 (12 September 2022)

• Visible window queries in Time menu.
• Correct execution of added Objects window script after running a failing editor script (decades-old bug).
• Made Erase first work again (bug introduced in 6.2.15).

6.2.18 (2 September 2022)

• SoundRecorder: support for up to 20 (instead of 8) input devices.
• FormantPath window: can now be viewed even without a Sound.
• Windows audio: SoundRecorder prevents high CPU usage when not recording.

6.2.17 (23 August 2022)

• FormantPath window: more information shown.
• Windows audio: compatible with speakers that do not support mono.
• Editor scripts: made two old commands available again (removed in 6.2.15).

6.2.16 (18 August 2022)

• FormantPath window: non-editable TextGrid.
• Scripting the Demo window on the Mac: better guarantees that demoShow () actually drains on current systems.
• TextGrid works again with LongSound (bug introduced in 6.2.15).
• Editor scripts work again from menus (bug introduced in 6.2.15).

6.2.15 (14 August 2022)

• Legends in editor windows.
• The menus Time and Play are new in editor windows, and the menus Spectrum and Formant were renamed to Spectrogram and Formants.
• More menu commands in editor windows.
• Rid frames around areas in editor window, except if editable.
• The FormantPath window can include a copy of a TextGrid.
• Restored horizontal and vertical dragging in tier areas (had been absent for two years).
• Removed several small bugs (and probably introduced a couple of new ones) in editor windows.
• Restored the original Praat icon.

6.2.14 (24 May 2022)

• TextGrid window: repaired a bug introduced in 6.2.10 by which a click in the boundary insertion circle would copy the contents of a new interval from another tier (if that other tier stood selected).

6.2.13 (18 May 2022)

• Playing a sound on the Mac: prevented an audible click at the end of audio output (appending a silence at the end is no longer needed).
• FormantPath window: more flexible visualization.
• New versions of PortAudio and Unicode.
• Removed the sendpraat directive.
• Removed several small interface bugs, and improved manual.

6.2.12 (17 April 2022)

Table: Get sum...
• Scripting an editor window can now query analyses that are not visible (e.g. after zooming).

6.2.11 (8 April 2022)

• Windows: Demo window could hang with use of Chinese keyboard (after Play).

6.2.10 (17 March 2022)

• TextGrid window: restored the splitting of labels.
Save Demo Window as PDF file... (Goodies menu).

6.2.09 (15 February 2022)

• Windows: support for a screen resolution of 204 dpi.

6.2.08 (5 February 2022)

• Mac: more checks on audio devices when playing sounds.

6.2.07 (28 January 2022)

• Prevented a rare crash in the TextGrid window.
• Windows: corrected a bug introduced in 6.2.04 by which some file names were unreadable.

6.2.06 (20 January 2022)

• Mac: prevent Demo window from hanging on copy or paste.

6.2.05 (5 January 2022)

• Calling Praat from the command line: the switch --send sends a script to a different already running GUI instance of Praat; this is more flexible than using sendpraat, because --send will start a new instance of Praat if Praat is not yet running.

6.2.04 (18 December 2021)

• Praat now includes eSpeak 1.51, raising the number of supported languages from 100 to 130.
• Scripting: support for infile, outfile and folder fields in forms.
• Calling Praat from the command line: the switch --open now adds files to an already running instance of Praat; this was already the case on Windows, but it now works in the same way on the Mac and on Linux.
• Scripting on Mac: multiline text fields in forms have scroll bars and behave like other fields.

6.2.03 (3 December 2021)

• Mac: made Enter key work as expected (i.e. character selection) on Japanese keyboards in multi-line text fields in dialogs and TextGrid window.

6.2.02 (2 December 2021)

• Fixed a hang if there were negative pitch values in Sound: Change gender....
• Fixed a crash if the size of a PCA did not match the size of a TableOfReal.

6.2.01 (17 November 2021)

• Sound window: corrected a bug that caused a thick waveform during or after playing.

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