What was new in 4.6?

4.6 (12 May 2007)

4.5.26 (8 May 2007)

• Sound files: reading FLAC audio files (implemented by Erez Volk).

4.5.25 (7 May 2007)

Table: Rows to columns...
Table: Collapse rows... (renamed from Pool).
Table: Formula (column range)...
• OT learning: OTGrammar window shows harmonies.

4.5.24 (27 April 2007)

• OT learning: added decision strategy MaximumEntropy; this has the same harmony determination method as Harmonic Grammar (include the additive constraint noise), but there is some more variability, in that every candidate gets a relative probability of exp(harmony).

4.5.23 (26 April 2007)

• Macintosh: much smaller sizes (in kilobytes) of spectrograms for printing and clipboard; this improves the compatibility with other programs such as Microsoft Word for large spectrograms.

4.5.22 (25 April 2007)

• Macintosh: improved drawing of spectrograms for printing and clipboard (this was crippled in 4.5.18, but now it is better than before 4.5.18).

4.5.21 (24 April 2007)

• OT learning: corrected HarmonicGrammar (and LinearOT) learning procedure to the stochastic gradient ascent method applied by Jäger (2003) to MaxEnt grammars.
• Scripting: removed a bug that could make selection checking (in command windows) unreliable after a script was run.

4.5.20 (19 April 2007)

• Scripting: allow assignments like pitch = To Pitch... 0 75 600.
• PitchTier Formula: guard against undefined values.

4.5.19 (2 April 2007)

• Scripting: allow comments with “#” and “;” in forms.
• Windows audio playing: attempt at more compatibility with Vista.

4.5.18 (30 March 2007)

• Macintosh: better image drawing (more grey values).
• More tabulation commands.
• More SpectrumTier commands.
• Picture window: keyboard shortcut for Erase all.

4.5.17 (19 March 2007)

• Picture window: can change arrow size.
• Several List commands.
Spectrum: To SpectrumTier (peaks).

4.5.16 (22 February 2007)

• Sound-to-Intensity: made resistant against undefined settings.
• Windows: made Ctrl-. available as a shortcut.
• Linux: made it more likely to find the correct fonts.

4.5.15 (12 February 2007)

• Windows XP: worked around a bug in Windows XP that could cause Praat to crash when the user moved the mouse pointer over a file in the Desktop in the file selector. The workaround is to temporarily disable file info tips when the file selector window is on the screen.

4.5.14 (5 February 2007)

• Scripting: some new predefined string variables like preferencesDirectory$.

4.5.13 (3 February 2007)

• For stereo sounds, pitch analysis is based on correlations pooled over channels (rather than on correlations of the channel average).
• For stereo sounds, spectrogram analysis is based on power density averaged across channels (rather than on the power density of the channel average).
• Scripting: removed a bug introduced in 4.5.06 that caused some variables not to be substituted.

4.5.12 (30 January 2007)

• Made cross-correlation pitch analysis as fast as it used to be before 4.5.11.

4.5.11 (29 January 2007)

• Sound objects can be stereo, for better playback quality (most analyses will work on the averaged mono signal).
• Macintosh: recording a sound now uses CoreAudio instead of SoundManager, for more compatibility with modern recording devices, and the possibility to record with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz.
ManPages allow picture scripts with separate object lists.
• Linux: better scroll bars in object list for Lesstif (Debian).
• Linux: made Create Strings as file list... work on Reiser.
sendpraat scripts correctly wait until sounds have played.

4.5.08 (20 December 2006)

• ExperimentMFC: can use stereo sounds.

4.5.07 (16 December 2006)

• Macintosh: playing a sound now uses CoreAudio instead of SoundManager.
• Phonetic symbols: ˈprimary stress and ˈseconˌdary stress.

4.5.06 (13 December 2006)

• Support for 32-bit floating-point WAV files.
• Scripting: removed several kinds of restrictions on string length.
• SSCP: Draw confidence ellipse: corrected a bug that would sometimes not draw the ellipse when N was very large.

4.5.05 (5 December 2006)

• Macintosh scripting: European symbols such as ö and é and ç are now allowed in file names in scripts and in MacRoman-encoded file names sent by other programs through the sendpraat subroutine.

4.5.04 (1 December 2006)

Sound: Change gender...: corrected a bug that often caused a female-to-male conversion to sound monotonous.

4.5.03 (29 November 2006)

• Table: added independent-samples t-test.
• Linux: corrected a bug introduced in 4.5.02 that prevented sounds from playing and other weird things.

4.5.02 (16 November 2006)

• Corrected yet another bug in the new Sound: To TextGrid (silences)....

4.5.01 (28 October 2006)

• Sound window: the pitch drawing method is Curves, Speckles, or Automatic.
• Corrected another bug in the new Sound: To TextGrid (silences)....

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